A Palestinian-Texan BBQ Sandwich

I ate a brisket and sausage sandwich the other day at the new Brookstreet BBQ location on Westheimer west of Beltway 8. Ever since I ate the Bohemian Special at Mustang Creek BBQ in Louise, I have been trying to recreate the brisket and sausage sandwich at every barbecue joint I walk into. The counter man at Brookstreet had no problem with my request to make the sandwich with fatty end brisket instead of the lean flat he had out on the cutting board. And the sausage was excellent. Too bad Brookstreet uses Southern Pride barbecue ovens instead of a real pit, but what can you expect in a strip center?

Brookstreet BBQ is a fledgling three-store barbecue restaurant chain that opened its first location in Sugar Land in 1999. The second location is in Missouri City. Brookstreet is owned by Palenstinian-Americans Jamail Musa and his daughter Caroline. I'd say the Musas need to work on the sides. The baked beans and potato salad looked like they came from a plastic tub. The only homemade sides were dirty rice, made with leftover barbecue and mashed potatoes garnished with cheddar and green onions so they tasted like baked potatoes. I wonder what barbecued chicken and tabouli with garlic mayo wrapped in a pita would taste like?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.