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A Pork Belly Slider at Odd Duck Trailer in Austin

Austin is inundated with food trailers these days, and it's glorious. With so many to choose from, deciding on a trailer was a big decision. Luckily, with the help of my dear friend and mentor, Tony Bourdain, who doesn't yet know he's my good friend and mentor but has already visited Austin, I chose Odd Duck Trailer, which boasts "farm to trailer" fare from a wood-fire grill. Bourdain had briefly mentioned the slow-roasted coffee-rubbed pork-belly sliders served there. He had me at slow-roasted.

Odd Duck is flanked by two other trailers, the coffee trailer Brevitas, and the donut trailer GourDoughs. Like a mini food court, all three trailer eateries share a common seating area so anyone can have a pork slider followed by an indulgent donut washed down by a complicated coffee drink.

Because Odd Duck has a "seasonally daily changing menu," the pork-belly slider I had was not the same as the one filmed for Bourdain's show. Mine came with a mustard aioli and sauerkraut. The buttered buns were toasted on the wood grill as were the slices of belly. I'm not sure if it was the slow roasting or the fatty cut of pork, but everything just melted together as I bit into the tiny burger. The slider's deliciousness made up for the fact that I had to wait 45 minutes for a third of a sandwich. It also helped that I was surrounded by friendly folks willing to chat with a hungry grump.

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