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Houston's Best Sandwiches: Steak Hoagie at Pete's Fine Meats

The Steak Hoagie at Pet's Fine Meats is freshly shaved ribeye from on of Houston's finest butchers. Enough said.
The Steak Hoagie at Pet's Fine Meats is freshly shaved ribeye from on of Houston's finest butchers. Enough said. Photo by Jeff Balke
We are in search of Houston's best sandwiches because we love sandwiches and we love Houston!

"We shave the ribeye every morning," the man at the register informed me as I paid for my Steak Hoagie at Pete's Fine Meats (5509 Richmond). Moments earlier, another gentleman taking my order confirmed that my choice was the right one. "It's between the steak hoagie and the rib sandwich," I explained. "The steak hoagie, definitely," he said. It was absolutely the right move.

I had heard both were excellent options at this deli-slash-butcher shop that has provided Houstonians with some of the best meat since the '60s. I'm sure the rib sandwich is really good — it's difficult to imagine any meat-laden menu item hear is subpar — but the hoagie was unreal.

As mentioned, Pete's shaves ribeye fresh each morning. It is mixed with onion and grilled on a flattop until the onions are sweet and tender, and the meat is slightly charred and melts in your mouth, then covered in cheese. It's added to a hoagie roll from Slough Dough Bakery, also seared on the griddle, with mayo, tomato and a boatload of lettuce. The sandwich is overflowing with ingredients and there's no chance of keeping all of it from pouring out the sides.

But, that's part of the beauty of this bad boy. It's gigantic and it's packed with flavor. The meat, which is only lightly seasoned, is bursting with richness. The soft hoagie roll is the perfect compliment with enough heft so it doesn't fall apart, but soft enough to give easily on every bite.

Bear in mind this is a large sandwich and it's super filling. It would be good for sharing, particularly at only eight bucks. But, you might not want to once you start eating. It's shaved ribeye from one of the best butchers in town after all. That's always the right choice.

If you have a sandwich you think is one of the best in town, hit us up. We're always looking for new options.
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