A Savory Crepe from Melange Creperie

The other day, after dropping my daughter off at school and with hunger setting in, I decided to swing by the corner of Westheimer and Taft and see what Buffalo Sean was whipping up at Melange Creperie. I don't find my way over there often but am always glad of the decision. Not only are Sean's crepes delicious and often cleverly composed, the charm exuded by the man himself is enough to brighten the corners of a weekday morning.

I pulled in and was greeted with a warm smile and a bit of conversation as I perused the day's offerings. Sean always keeps a rotation of classics on the menu, in addition to his original creations. That day, I was looking for something savory, rather than sweet, and asked Sean for a recommendation. He immediately and enthusiastically recommended that day's special of ham, egg, cheddar, goat cheese, spinach, and sliced strawberries. I told Sean that sounded good to me, and he started pouring batter out onto the hot griddle.


Part of the joy of eating at Melange Creperie is the element of theater involved. It's just plain entertaining to watch Sean ply his craft. We continued chatting as Sean cracked and beat an egg on the surface of my crepe, spreading it into a thin, even layer. He flipped the now deliciously browned pancake once, finishing the egg on the griddle, then flipped it back and began applying the other ingredients. A thin layer of cheddar was melted on, and generous hunks of ham were applied. Dollops of goat cheese, a generous handful of freshly chopped spinach, and slices of lusciously red strawberry went down to finish the crepe.

Sean folded his creation in thirds, stuck it in a paper sleeve, then wrapped it in an insulating layer of foil to keep the whole thing warm. As he folded the shiny packet of deliciousness, he told me that he was leaving a corner open to vent the steam, so that the spinach wouldn't wilt too much. Sean wants to make sure that your crepe is still in top form when you get where you're going.

When I got home, it was all I could do to snap a photo or two before tearing into my crepe. It was rich with egg, tangy from the goat cheese, and salty and meaty thanks to the ham. The fresh spinach added both earthy and green, vegetal flavors (thanks to the wilt-limiting vent!) that paired well with the tangy, salty, rich taste. The stars of the show, however, were the strawberries. Their bright sweetness and slight acidity added the perfect counterpoint to the other flavors, making everything leap out with an almost shocking vibrancy. In short, it was delicious.

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