Healthful not hellacious.
Healthful not hellacious.
Photo by Joanna O'Leary

A Snack That's Half-Popped but Not Half-Baked

Looking to switch to healthier snacks in 2015? Well, at least for the month of January. Except, of course, on the day of the Super Bowl. Anyway...

Plain popcorn is an incredibly satisfying treat as well as a terrific source of fiber and antioxidants, but in the absence of butter, it can be rather boring after the first handful. A sprinkle of herbs from your patio garden (especially dried dill) can enhance the flavor, but if one of your New Year's resolutions was to stop channeling Martha Stewart all the damn time and keep it simple, stupid, then pick up a bag of HalfPops.

Although HalfPops have roughly half the fat per serving compared to other varieties of flavored popcorn, the "half" in the title in fact refers to the snack's preparation. The kernels are only partially air-popped, which means the corn pieces that emerge are not the sprawling fluffs of maize that usually make up the majority of most bags of popped corn but rather denser cauliflower-shaped (but not cauliflower-tasting, obviously) nuggets.

Dense nuggets of corn.
Dense nuggets of corn.
Photo courtesy of Parker Smith

This textural difference makes for a heartier taste and works to lock in the seasonings. And, if you've been bullied into leaving your peanuts at home lest some random toddler go into anaphylactic shock, HalfPops is a safe replacement that also sort of even looks like legumes.

Halfpops in multiple flavors are available in Costco stores throughout Texas.

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