A Taco Truck with Carhops

The taco truck called "Taqueria Hecho En Mexico 2," is parked beside a vacant lot on Blalock just south of Campbell. When you pull into the dirt parking lot, a carhop in a uniform approaches the driver's window of your car with an order pad at the ready. Taquitos here are 99 cents and are guaranteed to be 100% chilango. (That's slang for a native of Mexico City D.F.)

I tried pastor (pork) suadero (brisket) and campechana (chorizo) tacos. Each had only a couple tablespoons of meat, but the condiments were amazing. Along with the usual chopped onions and cilantro and free red and green salsas in little plastic cups, there were radish slices, a roasted spring onion and a lime wedge. It was a nicely garnished plate, considering the amazingly cheap price.

I also got a large tamarindo agua fresca. The drink was too sweet for my tastes, but I poured the contents of the giant Styrofoam container over a pitcher full of ice at home. The diluted version tasted perfect and served three.

A sign in the parking lot announced that this taco truck will relocated three traffic lights north to Blalock and Kempwood starting on Monday March 3. I wonder if the taco truck carhops will still be working at the new location?

-Robb Walsh

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