A Tale of Two Burgers

Sometimes I get a craving for a burger like the ones from my youth, from the pharmacy luncheonette on Park Place where Kelly's is now. They fried the hamburger patty a la parilla with the bun toasting right next to it. Then, one bun was dropped on top of the burger to soak up the meat goodness. I'm fond of saying that, with respect to burgers, it's all about the bread. Yeah, I miss that old style burger from my youth. Rosebud.

My co-worker, Carlos Galan, pointed me in the direction of Howdy Burger at 9410 Clay Road at Blalock. Their 6 ounce burger is $4.59 and their 8 ounce is $5.59. They're very fine burgers, but I would advise you to tell them to leave off the salt as they have a heavy hand.

Driving down Blalock, I passed by Mytiburger at 9405 Kempwood at Blalock. What the heck, I can handle two burgers on the same day, so I dropped in there as well. Their Mytiburger is $2.89 and I must admit, I liked it a little bit more than the Howdy Burger. Whereas the Howdy comes with a big dollop of mayonnaise, the Myti comes with mustard as standard. You get chopped lettuce instead of a lettuce leaf, and the patty isn't quite as big. They offer an 8 ounce burger for $4.49.

A plus for Howdy Burger, though, is the fact that their shakes are made with Dreyer's ice cream.

-- Jay Francis

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.