A Tip on Ordering Lobster at a Chinese Restaurant

The end of the summer is the traditional season for lobster feasts, and oddly this year the price of lobster is falling. Watch for special offers at seafood counters and restaurants that serve lobster. And while you’re looking for bargains, don’t forget to check out the Chinese restaurants.

At East Wall Chinese Restaurant, the subject of this week’s Café review, lobster is currently a mere $18.80 per pound. That’s pretty cheap when you consider that lobster at the grocery store often runs as high as $12.99 a pound. The lobster I ordered at East Wall was cooked with a touch of ginger and scallions – but unfortunately the whole thing was then tossed in cornstarch. It didn’t do anything to the flavor; it just covered each piece of lobster shell with sticky glop that made it hard to handle and got all over my fingers.

So if you order the lobster at East Wall, or any other Chinese restaurant, I have one important suggestion. Tell them: NO CORNSTARCH! – Robb Walsh

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