A to Z Food & Deli # 7: A Chevron Breakfast

I love food served at gas stations and convenience stores. Every time I've passed by that Chevron on Montrose and Alabama, I've seen that picture of a two-egg breakfast plate on the window outside. And every time, I think, "Does their breakfast really look like that?" I got up early one day and finally decided to put an end to my curiosity.

I actually was impressed. They have tables and chairs and a little condiment/buffet table. It's nice and clean, and because it's a convenience store, there's a wide variety of drinks to go with your meal. I opted for some good old c-store coffee. I ordered the two-egg breakfast with hash browns and bacon. The eggs were cooked properly, and the hash brown patty was like one you'd get at McDonald's. But the best part was that they fried the bacon. I know fried bacon when I see it, and this was definitely fried. Nothing wrong with that. It was good and crunchy with out being too hard.

Plus, I got to eat breakfast at a gas station.

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