Pot Luck

A Young Critic on Pizza

16 month-old pizza critic Matthew Varesic recommends the pepperoni pie at the Chuck E. Cheese on Memorial near Dairy-Ashford. The synergy of a Wonder Bread-like crust, a sweet tomato sauce free of extraneous herbs and garlic, and the large rounds of pepper-free pepperoni come together to create a flavor unlike any other in the view of Matthew and several other toddlers who were there to attend a birthday party. Matthew consumed two entire slices by himself, which he ate crust first.

Meanwhile, the lavish salad bar at this Chuck E. Cheese location featured an ample supply of Jello cubes in whipped topping, large seedless grapes, and orange wheels. But the younger set seemed to pay little heed to the fruit, vegetable and gelatin offerings. Whether this was because of the allure of the pizza or because they couldn't see over the sides of the salad bar without being held aloft wasn't entirely clear.

The party attendees were delighted when the business's namesake, Mr. Cheese, made a personal appearance, posing for photos with the guest of honor. But when it came to time to leave, several of these pizza fans had to be dragged from the premises kicking and screaming--literally. You don't see that kind of loyalty in pizza aficionados much anymore.

-Robb Walsh

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Robb Walsh
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