Absolut Vodka Releases Limited-Edition 'Texas' Flavor

Since 2007, Absolut Vodka has been releasing a limited-edition flavor based on an American city every year. The first one was New Orleans, followed by Los Angeles, Boston, Brooklyn, San Francisco, Miami and Chicago.

This year, the company has decided to create its first-ever state-inspired vodka in honor of Texas. Because, you know, it wouldn't make sense to pick a Texas city since they're all the same and whatnot. Just kidding; we're flattered!

And the Texas flavor, though not inherently Texan, exactly, is pretty darn good.

"From the unique Southwestern flavor to the one-of-a-kind bottle design. Absolut® Texas is our biggest and boldest limited edition flavor to-date," wrote Absolut Vodka's brand director, Afdhel Aziz, in a press release. "Absolut® Texas was truly designed as a celebration of all the best that contemporary Texas has to offer."

The bottle features a design by San Antonio artist Cruz Ortiz: a "cosmic caballero" cowboy boot and the image of Absolut® founder Lars Olsson Smith wearing a cowboy hat.

So what's the super-unique and ingenious Texas flavor? Cucumber and Serrano Chili.

The serrano chili (which I think should actually be spelled "chile" unless referring to the powder) I understand, but what's so Texan about cucumber? I remember getting big styrofoam cups filled with cucumbers and chili powder at paleta shops in Corpus growing up, but I think that's more of a South Texas thing than a Texas thing.

No matter, though, because the vodka is actually quite good. I'm not usually a fan of flavored vodkas, but a number of my coworkers and I tasted it and deemed it highly drinkable. It smells mostly like cucumber, and it tastes mostly like cucumber vodka, a popular ingredient in Bloody Marys. There's a hint of spice on the back end of it, though, and, of course, the vodka burn that hits you in your sinuses and the center of your chest.

I think this would be great in bloody marys or margaritas made with vodka instead of tequila. Absolut included some recipes of its own that use Absolut® Texas, including the Tejano and the Tex N' Cran.

For what it's worth, the other regional flavors are:

  • New Orleans: Mango and Black Pepper
  • Los Angeles: Acai, Acerola, Pomegranate & Blueberry
  • Boston: Black Tea & Elderflower
  • Brooklyn: Red Apple & Ginger
  • San Francisco: Grape, Dragon Fruit & Papaya
  • Miami: Passionfruit & Orange Blossom
  • Chicago: Olive & Rosemary

Cheers, Texas!

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