Adair Kitchen's Fall Menu Is a Taste of Home During the Holidays

If you're missing your mother's cooking during the fall/winter season, then head to Adair Kitchen during the next several weeks and order the fall seasonal menu.

Adair Kitchen's regular menu is filled with items inspired by the mother of the owners, Nick Adair and Katie Adair Barnhart, and the seasonal menu follows suit. It's filled with five dishes (appetizer, salad, entrée and two desserts) -- pick and choose which ones you want, or enjoy the entire menu from start to finish.

The meal begins with an appetizer of fig, Brie and country ham crostini. Each bread slice is coated with a sweet fig chutney spread, topped with a thick piece of creamy Brie and a delicate slice of country ham. Five crostini come with each order, so if you're sharing (as I was), you'll have to fight for the last piece.

Next on the menu is a roasted sweet potato and cranberry salad with crumbled feta cheese, salty-sweet pecans and creamy honey-cumin vinaigrette. The salad can be ordered as a side salad or as a meal; you can also add chicken, shrimp or salmon -- I ordered the salad as a meal with chicken. Each bite of the soft sweet-potato chunks, paired with the tart, chewy dried cranberries, pungent feta cheese and sweet pecans, was the epitome of the fall season. The honey-cumin vinaigrette was super-sweet at first, but the spice from the cumin quickly followed, making for an interesting combination that brought the salad together perfectly.

While the maple pork chop normally comes with braised kale, you can order it with two different sides, so my fiancé chose the green beans and carrots. You'll be tempted to pick up the bone to get every last bite of the chop.

Unfortunately, after crostini, a hearty salad and pork chop, we were too full to order dessert; the two options include pumpkin pecan pie and apple cider donut holes. The next time I dine at Adair, I'm not sure which dessert I will choose, because they both sound spectacular, but I most certainly will save room.

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