Alcohol-Free Wine: Poorly Conceived Dreck

Sutter Home Winery is a reasonably credible wine maker. Sure, to some people they may be one step up from Two Buck Chuck, but you have to think the wine makers at Sutter Home retain some shred of pride and dignity.

Or not.

I wish I could have been in the room when the Sutter Home marketing department called the wine makers into a meeting to introduce their newly conceived product -- Fré Alcohol Removed wine. I'm calling it wine because it does list a varietal (Merlot) and a vintage (2007). Actually "wine-like substance" may be more appropriate. Or imitation wine. The ingredients list on this thing reads like a high school chemistry experiment.

I can only imagine the look of horror on the wine maker's faces.

But they made it. And you can find it at your local supermarket. In the same aisle as the margarita mix. Seriously.

It tastes like 2 parts grape juice mixed with 1 part partially fermented wine. In other words, dreck. Is there really a market for this stuff?

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