All Hail the Mighty Pit

Just like any good Louisianan knows how to make a roux, any good Texan should know how to barbecue. And Lone Star Beer -- the official beer of Texas despite being owned by Pabst Brewing in Milwaukee -- is putting that to the test this Thursday evening at the West Alabama Ice House.

Starting at 7 p.m., three finalists from around the state will be competing in The Landowner's Challenge. Corey Lossing of Ingleside, Laurence Dodd III of Leander and Paul Ortiz of San Antonio will be tested not only on their barbecue skills, but also on their knowledge of the Lone Star State. The winner will receive one heck of a prize for their trouble, though: nearly two acres of land in Independence, just outside of Brenham.
The competition will include a washer toss (the game of Texas granddads from Corsicana to Corpus Christi), competitive cooler filling (with bottles of Lone Star, we're guessing), a Texas trivia and geography contest (harken back to your 7th grade Texas History course, y'all!) and -- the final challenge -- a barbecue throwdown in which a piece of Texas beef must be cooked to order.

This isn't the first time Lone Star Beer has given away a plot of land: Last year, five acres outside Llano were awarded to Randy Schulze for mastering his pit and correctly answering such questions as "Where was Dr Pepper invented?" and "Where was LBJ born?" (Answers: Waco and Stonewall.)

This is one barbecue cookoff that you won't want to miss. It's not every day you see a man win a chunk of Texas for cooking a hunk of meat, after all. We recommend getting to West Alabama Ice House early, settling in with an ice cold Lone Star and getting a good seat for all the Texas action.

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