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All the Seafood You Could Ever Hope For

Seafood at Brennan's of Houston
Seafood at Brennan's of Houston Photo by Shannon O'Hara
Bernadine's seasoned crab fingers and raw oysters - PHOTOS BY CHUCK COOK
Bernadine's seasoned crab fingers and raw oysters
Photos by Chuck Cook

It's finally crawfish season, but let's face it, any time of the year is a good time to eat seafood in Houston. Here now, a round-up of our finest seafood posts to get you through the weekend.
Crawfish and Vietnamese food go hand in hand in Houston. - PHOTO BY TROY FIELDS
Crawfish and Vietnamese food go hand in hand in Houston.
Photo by Troy Fields

The Ten Best Crawfish Dishes in Houston

Warm weather means crawfish season is upon us earlier than usual. Which means the time to start loading yourself with mudbugs is NOW. While you can take advantage with awesome Cajun crawfish boils at nearly any bar, you can also do so with some pretty excellent crawfish dishes.

Conch ceviche at Caracol - PHOTO BY CHUCK COOK
Conch ceviche at Caracol
Photo by Chuck Cook

Houston's Raw Seafood Selection Is Grand

As Houston diners have become more sophisticated, so have their tastes. Just 30 years ago, sushi was regarded as adventurous and the vast majority of available oysters were the big, nonspecific ones from the Gulf.

Seafood at Brennan's of Houston - PHOTO BY SHANNON O'HARA
Seafood at Brennan's of Houston
Photo by Shannon O'Hara

Houston Restaurants That Serve Gulf and Other Domestic Seafood — and Why You Should Care

It would seem logical that because of higher transportation costs, imported fish and shrimp would be more costly than local. As with many imported goods, though, that's often not the case. Regarding imported seafood, the reasons why it’s often cheaper than domestic are both disgusting and disturbing.

It’s a fair assumption that the following assertions are not universally applicable, especially to countries revered for high-quality seafood, such as Japan. However, the aquaculture practices in some countries are horrific.

If you're pregnant, this is not your enemy. - PHOTO COURTESY OF CARL ROSA
If you're pregnant, this is not your enemy.
Photo courtesy of Carl Rosa

Attention Pregnant Women: You CAN Eat Sushi

As we all know, pregnant women typically abstain from certain foods throughout their pregnancy — specifically, foods that could harm a growing fetus. Many types of fish, for example, have high levels of mercury — which can cause a liver infection in a pregnant woman — while other foods, such as soft cheeses, have long been on the "avoid" list but are actually quite safe.

Cod in a coffin. - PHOTO BY MR. T IN DC
Cod in a coffin.
Photo by Mr. T in DC

10 Fish You're Eating That Are Endangered Species

Yesterday we touched briefly on the plight of the idiot fish, a small red fish with giant, round marbles for eyes. It's delicious, despite its odd appearance. And it's also endangered. Yet it's still sold and served across the world.

The idiot fish is only "endangered," however, not "critically endangered." There are degrees of being endangered, after all. And a critically endangered species is one that is in real, immediate danger of having its numbers decimated by 80 percent within three generations.

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