Amy's Ice Cream: Whiskey Guinness

So it was one of those nights when I felt the need to do something unhealthy. Sadly, this happens for me several times a week, usually following an intense gym session, a low-cal, high-fiber meal, or waking up sans hangover. On this particular Thursday night, I was torn between ingesting a good quantity of liquor and indulging in some highly caloric ice cream. Choosing the latter option as the lesser of two evils, I found myself at Amy's Ice Cream (3816 Farnham St).

Now I wish I could admit to being a flavor adventurer who boldly explores new choices every visit, but really I'm a half Mexican Vanilla, half Belgian chocolate with roasted almonds and strawberries kind of girl. So when the cute tattooed woman behind the counter suggested I try her experimental flavor of the day, I was hesitant. When she told me it had both whiskey and Guinness in it, I happily acquiesced.

This was literally a tiny cup of heaven, if heaven was a blend of Irish alcoholic beverages mixed with cream and sugar and frozen until smooth and delicious. Which it might very well be. Though I could clearly smell and taste both boozy flavors, they were mellowed out by the velvety richness of the sweet cream base. By going with the so called "better" choice of ice cream over booze, I had serendipitously fulfilled both cravings.

No, the tiny cup didn't make drunk or even light-headed, but it had enough kick to satisfy me. I'm not sure if this flavor will continue to be around - later I could not find the flavor listed on the website. But if you're like me and enjoy a little Irish joy in your dessert, ask for it the next time you visit Amy's. Let's start a grassroots campaign to get this yummy concoction on the permanent menu.

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