Food Trucks

An Industrial Quesadilla with Ziploc Salsa

It was the anthropomorphic taco art that made me pull over to check out the taco truck called Industrial Tacos + Snacks at the corner of Crosstimbers and Airline. I mean, look at the smile on that taco. I purchased a half-liter of Mexican Coke and a quesadilla al pastor that the proprietrix gave to me wrapped in aluminum foil without any garnishes. But when I started unwrapping it, she asked me if I wanted a plate and some onion and cilantro. When I said "yes, please," she kindly added some lettuce and tomato as well. The pork chunks were nicely cooked, and there was a good amount of melted cheese (white jack, I think).

The green salsa had a nice flavor, but I was intrigued by the teeny-tiny plastic bag it came in. I can't remember seeing a Ziploc this small before. I wonder why they are using these instead of the little thimble-sized plastic cups with the lids. Is this the salsa delivery system of the future?

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Robb Walsh
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