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An Intoxicatingly Good Idea: Concepcion

It was ladies' night.

Well, as much of a wild to-do as two moms, an artiste and an idle attorney could muster up the energy for.

What started out as a mature, smart evening meal with what should have been extremely profound, intellectually stimulating conversation, resulted in a margarita vacation complete with incessant, obnoxiously loud laughter.

Cheers to the man behind the bar.

1st Course - Margaritas

Sitting in the cozy, bright-blue bar we ordered margaritas that turned out to be inherently skinny, made with tequila, sweet agave nectar and all-natural lime and orange juice. Potently refreshing and puckering-the-lips salty, the margaritas were served straight up. We also got a smokey pumpkin hummus with golden, fried chips.

2nd Course - Peach (Last Name Unknown)

It was the day before this drink's official menu debut. We heartily welcomed it, repeatedly ordering the unnamed beverage, which we decided to call Peaches & Dreams. I have no clue what was in this drink, but it didn't matter. Certainly, peach nectar formed the base to this spicy, thick concoction with a fruit smoothie consistency. At some point a scallops dish arrived -- so flavorful.

3rd, 4th and 5th Courses - Peaches & Dreams (cont'd)

6th Course - Lost Gold

One sip of the Lost Gold, and I was on a beach chair in the sand, wind in my hair, dazed and confused. With enough El Tesoro Tequila Anejo, some Brazilian orange liqueur and a few other bits and pieces shimmering orangey-red, stresses were washed away and pleasures found. I knew we were eating something...what it was, I couldn't tell ya. There was duck, there was mole, and within the soft tortillas laid treasures aplenty.

7th Course - Hemingway Daiquiri

Served in an ice cream glass, the Hemingway was made with rum, lime juice and shaved ice, delicately laced with the bittersweet goodness of maraschino liqueur. But it was the drunk cherry on top that provided a star burst of excitement, adding pleasant almond and honey-like flavors.

If you need a vacation but can't leave the city, sit outside on the garden patio and let the drinks take your imagination to the shores of Tulum, Trujillo and Playas del Este. Cheers, Concepcion.

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