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An Ode to Valentine's Day

Four score and many years ago, Valentine's was born, Leaving gals aflutter and hearts aglow, yet many men forlorn. These days it's hefty and overwrought, yet forgetting it's a sin, Why do we go through all the angst, when Hallmark gets the win?

Reservations are tough, expectations too high, and you've gotta use valet. But that's not all -- there's plenty more on this accurse'ed day. Restaurants packed, kitchens slammed, and nothing comes out right There's gotta be something better than a mediocre night.

Want to try Haven, Mark's, Textile, or maybe even REEF? Try them on a regular day, when the wait won't give you grief. Pick up food, have it delivered, or dust off those old books -- Surely you can't be any worse than America's Worst Cooks.

Try chicken, soup, spaghetti, or maybe king crab legs. Pick up food at Costco, order in, or heat up last night's dregs. Don't give in -- don't you do it! Don't try to play their game! Your girlfriend won't be happy -- you'll hang your head in shame!

Houston's got tons of restaurants, but they'll all be overbooked. Come up with an alternate or you know your goose is cooked. Tell her early -- far in advance -- and she'll let you stay alive, By celebrating on a mellow night: let's say February one five.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.