Annyǒnghi Kaseyo, Komart

We mentioned in last week's Food Fight that stalwart Korean grocery store Komart had closed earlier this year.

Some of you were incredulous that the old store had been shuttered and, frankly, so were we when we found out. Komart had anchored the Korean part of Spring Branch for the better part of a decade, so the news came as a sad shock (but not wholly unexpected; Super H Mart's opening was truly the nail in its coffin).

Above is a photo from one of our Flickr photographers, Jason Tinder, who captured the final moments of Komart before it was completely demolished yesterday. We aren't sure what the plans are for this corner of Gessner and I-10 yet, but it's a sure bet that the land is worth a lot more now than it was ten years ago with the recent redevelopment of Memorial City Mall across the freeway.

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