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Photos by Monica Fuentes

Another Houston Holiday Dinner Option: High-end Takeout From B&B Butchers

Yesterday, the Houston Press got another unsolicited but much appreciated food delivery and in this case, it really was a chance to see the high end of the takeout market. 

B&B Butchers & Restaurant, 1814 Washington, dropped by samples of its holiday specials, so as usual we took a few photos before plunging in. It was delicious. In an alternate universe, our counterparts eat like this every day but in this one, for most of us, this is a rarity. The sides were good, the mains were good, the desserts were good. It was all very, very — some would say exceptionally — good. 

So, if you want to bolster any of your holiday meals or just take a break from cooking this season, check this out. Here's what they have and what it'll cost you:

1. Beef Wellington (ready to bake and serves 5 to 7 people). $385.

2. Classic Pommes Puree (high class mashed potatoes) part of the traditional side dish package that also includes B&B Creamed Spinach, Green Beans with Shallots, Almonds & Blue Cheese and Truffle Mac & Cheese. $19 for package. 

3. Truffle Mac & Cheese (part of $19 sides package)

4. Green Beans with Shallots, Almonds & Blue Cheese (part of $19 sides package)

5. Crown Pork Roast 8 Bone (ready to bake and serves 8 people, marinated and seasoned with sherry pineapple sauce) $65

6.  B&B Creamed Spinach (part of $19 sides package)

7. Christmas Hams. $10.99 per pound

8. Fully Cooked Prime Boneless Rib Roast (with Pommes Puree, Au's Jus & Yorkshire Pudding. Half Roast (5 to 7 servings) $300 and Full Roast (10-12 servings) $550.

9. Rolls

And if you still have room:

Key lime and pecan pies
Key lime and pecan pies

B&B House Baked Pies are $30 each. Besides the key lime and pecan we had, they offer an apple crisp. All serve eight people.

All orders for Christmas must be picked up no later than Thursday, December 24. For information, call 713-862-1814 or visit bbbutchers.com.

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