Apex Iced Brownie Delight: The Hershey "Bar" for Athletes

First off, I want to thank America's Milk Processors. I really appreciate your "chocolate milk is the perfect recovery drink" campaign for the way in which it's helping to undermine that pesky assumption that chocolate is exclusively for dessert. What nonsense.

Next, I would like to tip my hat to Apex Fitness Group, which is also challenging the unjust relegation of chocolate to the "occasional indulgence" category of foods by capitalizing on what for sport medicine specialists and nutritionists is an inconvenient truth: Eating a Hershey bar before you work out feels good.

Also, sometimes even eating one in between sprint intervals can help you push through that extra mile.

And, come to think of it, eating a Hershey bar after a good workout is enjoyable. So I guess a fair conclusion is that there's no bad time or place to eat some solid cacao.

If you, like me, have had this realization but are wary of the judgmental stares of your fellow gym rats, worry no longer. Thanks to Apex, you can mask the fact that you're chowing down on chocolate at the gym because they've joined forces with Hershey to create an "iced brownie delight" sports bar. One morning last week, I picked one up at my own personal fitness facility, eager for an excuse to skip a boring bowl of Grape-Nuts.

With a taste and texture almost identical to those of the sort of chewy brownie you might produce at home using a store-bought mix, the Apex Iced Brownie Delight bar may be easily confused with other pedestrian chocolate baked goods. Thirteen grams of protein ("more than two eggs!" Apex boasts) and just eight grams of fat (0 trans fat), however, means this "brownie" is actually a better pre-/post-workout snack than just a plain ol' chocolate bar. Plus, the infusion of Hershey's chocolate chips means that you don't have to sacrifice real cocoa flavor for some carob ridiculousness.

The only problem, really, is that I think many people, athletes specifically, are still holding onto the idea that whole grains, low-fat dairy products, fruits and vegetables are the best way to fuel your workout. Expand your palate, people! Eat Wheaties and a banana for your late-night snack and try a Hershey (sports) bar for breakfast.

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