Are “Cupcarons” Houston’s Next Dessert Craze?

Many adults find cupcakes off-putting. Why? The swirly mountain of frosting on top that's sometimes as big as the cupcake is. The older people get, the less appealing an excess of sugar becomes, so desserts often are avoided. That, and a desire to not overindulge in carbohydrates, means desserts often only get love during special occasions.

Petite Sweets has the answer for grownups who want to indulge in a treat without feeling terrible about it later. As the name suggests, many of their desserts are mini-sized—two-bite pleasures that, alongside a latte or a cup of coffee, feel indulgent without being overwhelming. 

Now, though, they’re selling a tiny mashup of two desserts that combine two faves into one. Meet the “Cupcaron,” a cupcake with a macaron on top affixed with just enough frosting to make an attractive base and keep it on there—about a tablespoon. 

It’s a satisfying little treat with three different textures in one bite. The macaron on top, with it’s crisp, delicate shell, gives way as you bite into the soft frosting then then down into the soft, spongy, not-too-sweet cupcake underneath.

Longtime Houston pastry chef Susan Molzan oversees the creation of the baked goods at Petite Sweets, but the cupcarons were the brainchild of F.E.E.D TX's Lee Ellis, a co-owner of the operation. He says via email, "I thought it was a perfect matchup of two great desserts one night at family dinner with macarons and cupcakes." 

Coincidentally, Ellis wasn't the only one with the thought. A bakery in New York called Baked By Melissa had the same idea in March. Great minds think alike? 

The only quandary with eating them is what you might call the Oreo Problem. People who pull apart their sandwich cookies before eating might also be compelled to pull the macaron off the top and eat it first. If you do that, though, you lose the sensation of the added crunchy texture the macaron adds to the cupcake. So, eat it however you want, but it's something to consider. 

Petite Sweet’s Cupcarons come in several flavors dictated by the type of macaron used, including Red Velvet, Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel and more. A cupcake flavor is paired to match.

The new little dessert sensations run $2.50 each. It’s an affordable mini-luxury for just about anyone. 
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Phaedra Cook
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