At La Plaza

Machacada con huevo, the Northern Mexican dish of dried beef with scrambled eggs, makes a lovely Saturday morning breakfast. I ate a wonderful version last Saturday at of La Plaza restaurant on Bingle at Long Point. The interior of this place looks like an all-American diner.

I was confused when I first looked at the menu because, although La Plaza appears to be a Mexican restaurant, all the breakfasts were standard American fare like bacon and eggs and pancakes. When I asked the waitress about it, she looked at me like I was dolt, and turned the menu over. The Mexican breakfasts were on the other side.

My original breakfast destination was Pancho's carniceria just down the block on Long Point. The signs out front advertised breakfast tacos and cheap tacos. I parked the car, walked in, took a look at the rock-hard scrambled eggs, the crusted-over barbacoa, and the nasty-looking steam table bins and walked out. I am not exactly picky when it comes to taquerias, but there is a limit.

La Plaza has a sign on the wall that says "Since 1964." I don't know how I have overlooked this gem until now.

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