Attention, Houston! M&M's MEGA Have Landed

Of all the complaints about M&M's I've had over the years, size has never been an issue. I've been perturbed by the persistent existence of the gross dark chocolate raspberry flavor and irritated there's never been a re-release of the "strawberried peanut butter" version.

But weight and girth? I thought that was just fine.

I guess not everyone feels similarly, or, at least, the R&D folks at Mars seem to think so. In December 2013, I read an article announcing the upcoming release of "M&M's MEGA," candies that would contain three times (3X!) the chocolate of regular M&M's. "Mmm," I thought, "bloated M&M's. Could be delightful." I would have to wait, however, to sample the goodies, as the release was scheduled for May 2014.

Or so I thought.

While wandering through CVS in the sort of daze that comes from not having a shopping list yet knowing there are many necessities you intended to buy at the drugstore, I found myself in the candy aisle. Tucked in between the violent pastel displays of Easter candy and shabby marked-down Valentine's hearts was a shelf of M&M's MEGA. I quickly lost all interest in the Cadbury Creme Eggs and scooped up a bag.

The first thing I noticed about M&M's MEGA is their different hand feel; whereas a quarter cup of regular M&M's feel relatively weightless (and is therefore oh-so-easy to pop in your mouth), a similar amount of M&M's MEGA is heavy, even borderline taxing on the palm. Eating them by the handful would be impractical, as well as strenuous.

The amplified chocolate content is, as one might expect, pretty damn great. One can imagine many ways in which the greater cocoa-to-shell ratio would benefit other baking projects, and I look forward to using the remainder of my M&M's MEGA to make some cookies. As for casual snacking, however, they're just a bit too large for mindless consumption. Though perhaps I just need to practice more with them.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.