Baby, It's Cold Outside: Here Are Five Things Guaranteed to Warm You Up, Head to Toe

If you ventured outside yesterday, you noticed that the temperatures had fallen. In honor of the chilly weather, we present five foods you should enjoy for lunch or dinner whenever the mercury drops, and we tell you where you can find them if you don't want to cook.

5. Ramen

Just sipping on the broth warms up your entire body, but all of the extra goodies in the bowl make it 100 times better. Head to Kata Robata for a bowl of spicy soy ramen with braised pork, a soft-boiled egg and soy milk, or the duck dumpling shoyu ramen with duck confit dumplings, a soft-boiled egg and ginger. Soma Sushi also serves a variety of ramen bowls perfect for warming you up, such as the classic Soma ramen with pork belly, tamago, spinach and shiitake, or the black-bean ramen bowl with bulgogi spare ribs, kimchi, negi, ginger and sweet sushi tamago. Or take the opportunity to visit the recently reopened Tiger Den in Chinatown; it opened yesterday! Mai Pham suggests ordering the spicy miso ramen bowl.

4. Macaroni and Cheese

Baked in an oven or cooked on top of the stove, macaroni and cheese is a filling meal perfect for a cold winter night. Add as many different types of cheese as you prefer, and toss in a few extra ingredients, such as sun-dried tomatoes, chicken or vegetables. Or you can head to BRC Gastropub for one of its mac and cheese menu items, such as the foie gras macaroni and cheese. Try the lobster mac and cheese at Kata Robata (we recommend sharing it with someone). Or opt for the classic mac and cheese hot spot in Houston, Jus' Mac, where you can get any version of the dish you could possibly imagine.

3. Chicken and Dumplings

While I will always believe that my mom makes the best chicken and dumplings in the history of forever, there are (at least) several places you can find a comforting bowl of pillowy dumplings (or hearty noodles) and tender chicken in a creamy broth. Victor's Delicatessen and Restaurant on FM 1960 in Spring serves outstanding chicken and dumplings --spoonfuls of hearty, thick noodles with tender chicken, carrots, celery and onions that will make you smile with every bite. There's also nothing wrong with going to Cracker Barrel for a comforting bowl of chicken and dumplings.

2. Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup

Keep it simple and make a classic tomato soup at home with oven-roasted tomatoes, fresh herbs and some cream (or milk) paired with a grilled cheese sandwich using your favorite bread, lots of butter and a few different types of cheese. You can also head out to Max's Wine Dive, a comfort food-lover's heaven, and order the grilled cheese sandwich with tomato soup -- Gruyère, provolone and roasted red bell pepper pimento and cheese are melted together between two thick slices of brioche Texas toast, served with a cup of delightful tomato soup. Grab a grilled cheese and basil pesto sandwich from Tiny Boxwood's for lunch; it's served with tomato sauce for dipping. Or find out where The Golden Grill food truck will be throughout the day for a variety of upgraded grilled cheese sandwiches.

1. Chili

Whether you want to start making your chili at home in a slow cooker or head out to a restaurant for dinner tonight, you'll be able to enjoy a nice hearty cup of chili (with a slice of cornbread, of course). Armadillo Palace has an excellent venison chili and you can enjoy it in a variety of ways -- as it is, Frito pie-style, or even on the chili cheese burger -- you won't miss the cornbread after you top this no-bean chili with crackers, cheese and diced onions. Enjoy a fancier evening and head to Haven for the wild boar chili served with a corn stick.

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