Bacon vs. Tofu: The Battle That Never Was

The Feed, the food blog at Time Out New York, has had the enviable task of judging a series of home-cooked meal competitions lately. Chili Takedown, Curry Takedown, Bacon Takedown and - most recently - Tofu Takedown are just some of the competitions that have been presented.

After the popularity of the Bacon Takedown, the writers at The Feed were eager to see whether or not contestants (and judges) would get as excited about bacon's polar opposite: tofu. Seventeen different teams eagerly competed, entering a wide range of dishes and leading The Feed to ask this question: Is tofu the new bacon?

The blogosphere nearly collapsed upon itself when this question started making the rounds. For reasons known only to nuclear physicists and rocket scientists, bacon and the Internet go together like cats and cheeseburgers. One doesn't simply go around questioning the validity of bacon on the Internet.

To prove the point (and to answer the original question), we've put together a slideshow of all the many ways and reasons that tofu is not the new bacon, will never be the new bacon and could never hope to be the new bacon.

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Katharine Shilcutt