Baked Goods: FM 903 Isn't Opening Until 2014, But You Can Taste Its Wares Now at Triniti

FM 903 isn't scheduled to open until the fall of 2014; in fact it, hasn't even broken ground yet, but the restaurant/bakery is already generating quite the buzz. And you can sample what's to come at the weekly pop-up bakery hosted by Pastry Chef Samantha Mendoza. Every Saturday from 10 a.m. until 2pm until the opening of FM 903, the lounge area inside Triniti restaurant is filled with the smells of freshly baked goods, and baguettes, cookies, pies and macaroons cover the bar.

On the recent beautiful Saturday morning that I stopped by to sample FM 903's wares, the doors to Triniti were wide open, letting fresh air into the bright space. Diners were enjoying Katz coffee, and I walked down the line eyeing each piece of edible art, unable to decide what to get.

A friend and I decided on a cinnamon roll, definitely large enough for two to share, and an an eclair, each at $4. We poured ourselves cups of Pumpkin Spice coffee and settled at one the bar tables. Both pastries were exceptional; cinnamon rolls can easily be too cloying, but Cinnabon this is not: The frosting had just the right sweetness, putting the focus more on the cinnamon flavor and fluffy texture of the dough. If there is one thing to get, it would be the eclair; its choux pastry has a slight crisp bite to it, but the interior of the pastry is airy and light and filled with a silky vanilla custard.

I couldn't resist taking home a beautiful brioche loaf ($8) that will soon become toast with fresh jam, maple french toast, and a small bread pudding. With the holidays coming up the bakery has many items that will make great gifts, such as bags of fresh cookies. You can also order pies and pick them up for your meals.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.