Baked Zebras

On a recent trip to Border's bookstore, we found ourselves perusing an intriguing little table with a big percent-off sign. Everyone loves a good Christmas reject, so we were quite pleased to find an old-fashioned lunch box adorned with black-and-white zebra stripes. Called Zebra Mix, it was very kitschy-cool. Even better was what it held inside: an organic cupcake mix that was designed to be made by kids. Now, despite the fact that we do not have a child, we were enthralled by this little box of yuppie-ish retro fun. A quick check at the sticker revealed that it had been marked down from $17.99 to less than $5. Sold.

We borrowed a child from a friend of ours and got to baking. This kit was an amazing find. Not only did it contain wholesome, pronounceable ingredients, but it came with a little treasure map of ridiculously easy instructions that the rented child found delightful. We were baking away in no time, all smiles and giddiness. And in less than an hour, we were munching on some sinfully decadent bite-size treats. Turns out, they were called zebra cupcakes because they were a mix of chocolate and vanilla. Yummy. The icing called for real butter and cream cheese, so you know it was amazing.

We wish we could say that we had been the bigger person and let the kid keep the lunch box, but in all truth we jacked that sucker like a crackhead with a neighbor's DVD player. In our defense, we did let her take home more than half of those beautiful little edible gems. And that was no small feat, trust us.

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Geri Maria Harris