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Baker Spotlight: Rachel Teichman, The Scone Artist

In April of 2013, Rachel Teichman moved to Houston and found most bakeries here dominated by traditional desserts like brownies, cupcakes and cookies.

She decided what the city needed was scones and established The Scone Artist, her at-home scone business in the Meyerland area. Thanks to the Texas Cottage Foods Bill update in 2013, Teichman can legally sell scones from her home.

"I wanted to try and think of a product I could sell from home that would work under the restriction, and basically I don't think the scone has been fully explicated yet in a way that some other baked goods have," Teichman says. "I just always like making them; I like giving tea parties and going to tea parties, and a scone is usually the focal point of both."

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Molly Dunn
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