Bakery Fun at El Bolillo

There is something so empowering and just downright fun about walking around a Mexican panaderia with a giant silver platter and a pair of tongs self-selecting all the goodies you can pile on. It's a carb lover's paradise.

At El Bolillo (2517 Airline Drive), after ogling the lusciously decadent cakes, I grabbed a tray, some tongs, and got to shopping. The first thing I simply had to have was a sweet bread that was baked in the shape of a turtle. It was a little bigger than the size of my hand and reminded me of similar turtle breads I used to bake as a child. Next came a couple of croissants, a slice of chocolate coconut cake roll, some freshly made tortillas, a star-shaped cookie loaded with rainbow sprinkles and, of course, a churro. I added some cream cheese-jalapeno stuffed rolls at the last minute, took it to the counter and tried not to faint when told that all of this outrageous bread buffet goodness cost less than $5.

The tortillas are made in-house, right out where you can see them, and the buttery freshness came through each bite. The turtle bread was sticky and sweet, with little bits of some herb that I couldn't quite identify. The churro, unfortunately, was a bit past its prime and so the texture was off, but I could tell that fresh from the fryer, it would have been phenomenal. And the cream-cheese jalapeno rolls? Scrumptious! Though pickled, the jalapenos retained most of their heat and started to burn my tongue, but thankfully the cream cheese cooled things down in the nick of time. I could definitely eat these for breakfast on a regular basis.

Grab a platter and see how much fun it is to take home a huge bag of treats for mere pocket change.

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