Barbecue - More Than Just Meat

When we think of the rodeo, we think of barbecue. So in honor of the rodeo, we wanted to bring you our top five cities for barbecue in Texas. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. Sure, we have our personal favorites like Taylor and Lockhart. But, what we soon realized is that barbecue is very personal.

On a recent visit to Coopers in Llano, we found this out the hard way. Coopers is always listed as some of the best barbecue in Texas, so maybe our expectations were too high. But, after our first bite of overly salty brisket, our hearts sank. The other meats, like the jalapeño sausage, were still good, but we couldn't get past the brisket. It's still worth visiting Coopers if just for the theatrics of choosing your meat directly from the barbecue pit.

Even the Salt Lick in Austin, a Texas barbecue landmark, has been the cause of many barbecue-based disputes. Some die-hard Austinites wouldn't dream of going anywhere else for brisket and peach cobbler. Then, there are those who would rather eat gas station barbeque than Salt Lick. But every Saturday night you'll find hundreds of people waiting hours, even in the rain, for dinner.

So, what does make for good barbecue? If you're from Central Texas, you probably like your barbeque plain and simple - no sauce, no sides. But, if you're from Houston, you probably like it drenched in a thick, tomato-based sauce with the obligatory potato salad. And, if you're from South Carolina and not Texas, you probably like your barbecue with a mustardy sauce.

There are so many unique and delicious ways to deliver meaty goodness. How could we pick just five? Maybe you can help. Where are your favorite places to eat barbecue?

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.