Bartender Chat: Alexis Casanova of Andalucia

Alexis Casanova of Andalucia Restaurant and Bar definitely has the pedigree to work in a tapas bar. Not only is she half Cuban, but she also knows how to whip up an amazing cocktail.

I've followed her from bar to bar for several years and have never been disappointed with her concoctions. Once, she brought in a ton of fresh fruit and herbs to experiment with an original cocktail recipe, and I ended up being extremely happy with the basil, peach, and rum mixture she created.

But Casanova has also made some bebidas that conjure up trips to the Latin bakery - creamy, fruity and delicious. It's a panaderia in a glass.

When Casanova is not behind the bar, she spends most of her time with her beautiful, doppelganger daughter, Bailey. They enjoy having their nails done, shopping, and other equally girlie pursuits. Alexis even likes to bring Bailey up to the restaurant from time to time to enjoy some traditional Flamenco music and dig into some excellent paella.

Casanova is partial to red wine and very choosy about her sangria - she makes an excellent version. The key is to not make it too sweet, but still maintain lots of flavor. Stop by one day during happy hour and get her to make a glass for you.

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