Bar Beat

Bartender Chat: Ashley Vasquez of Junction Bar & Grill

Ashley Vasquez, who's been in the bartending business for ten years now, says most of her hours spent slinging whiskey have been at sports bars. She originally hails from El Paso, but moved to Kingwood when she was six years old. She ended up going to Lamar High School and chose to stay in Houston to be near her family.

Vasquez loves being a bartender, especially at Junction (160 W. Gray St). She joined the team when the place came under new management. "I knew this would be an incredible opportunity for me. I love working here because it is a chill environment and the there are a lot of repeat, relaxed clientele." We chatted while Ashley got to work creating a customized cocktail for me. A blend of vodka, Malibu, and OJ with a splash of cranberry, the drink was strong but smooth.

Vasquez isn't the kind of girl who would enjoy being stuck behind a desk somewhere. Bartending allows her to move around and do different things throughout the day. She also enjoys meeting new people and says there is "never a dull moment" at Junction. "I have a new story every day," she says. "I think this bar should be a reality show." Hear that, cable networks? Come to Houston. We have a new show idea to sell you. And $1 tacos on Mondays!

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Geri Maria Harris