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Bartender Chat: Ben Sills of Barcadia

Why is Ben Sills of Barcadia nicknamed Ben the Menace? "Kassidy, my girlfriend, calls me that because I'm always creating trouble," he said. "I'm the kid with the slingshot in his back pocket." Considering his sweet, boyish charm and nonconformist attitude, I would have to say that's a pretty apt description.

Ben is an Indiana boy who moved to Houston a few years ago. Previously employed as a systems administrator, he decided to go the bartending route when that job didn't work out. "I needed something to do while I worked on my tattoo artist apprenticeship," he explained. He also attends school at the Art Institute for graphic design and hopes to factor that degree into his tattoo artistry.

Ben asked that we take the photo on a separate day than the interview, because he really wanted to show off his mohawk, but cannot wear his hair styled like that while behind the bar. I personally would have no problem having my drink made by a bartender with a mohawk, but to each his own, I suppose. So if you happen to wander in to say hi, try not to be too disappointed. Oh, and try to go on a Sunday, because although he wasn't at liberty to go into specifics, Ben promised that "good stuff is coming on Sundays."

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Geri Maria Harris