Bartender Chat: Geronimo Villalobos of Etro Lounge

Geronimo Villalobos is not only one of the coolest bartenders at Etro Lounge (1424 Westheimer ) - he's also the owner. And we love the fact that this doesn't stop him from pouring some of the best drinks in town. Villalobos had been bartending for 12 years, two of those at Etro, when he took the plunge to owner.

What's great is that he has stayed true to Etro's chill '80s vibe. He credits the awesome new wave music as part of the reason the Montrose bar maintains a "well-behaved crowd," because, as he put it, since when does Depeche Mode put you in the mood for fighting? We couldn't agree more.

It does put us in the mood for drinking, though, and Villalobos is always ready to satisfy our craving for a cool martini or fruity shot. Though he was out of many of his shot staples due to a particularly busy weekend, he was able to make up a shot he instantly dubbed the "Miami Vice" due to its delicious tropical combination of mango vodka, Malibu Rum, and a splash of sprite.

"I like to keep my recipes simple," he explains. That may be true, but they're also delicious.

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