Bartender Chat: Jillian Fogarty of Soma Sushi

I recently found myself wandering around the heights in search of a good happy hour where I could procure both delicious food and reasonably priced drinks. Somehow this led me to Washington Avenue, which turned into a chance encounter with a wonderful bartender named Jillian Fogarty, who was working her magic at Soma Sushi.

Jillian started bartending at 18 and has been in and out of the business for several years. Born and raised in Philadelphia, she obtained her MBA at Temple University and owned her own business for a while before moving to Houston and starting at Soma. And before you ask, yes she does watch (and love) It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which immediately made me adore her.

Jillian is able to flex some creative muscle at Soma, where you immediately notice the multiple booze infusions lining the bar. "My favorite is the Jillian Rancher, named after me, which is Tito's infused with watermelon." On its own, it's a deceptively subtle creeper that will have you dancing naked in the streets before you know it. It's basically liquid crack. Though you can't taste the booze, Jillian warns, "Trust me, you're drinking."

When we ask this tiny hottie of a mixologist what she does during her free time, Jillian admits that she's mostly a homebody who likes to chill with her dog and watch her DVR. "I usually work six days a week," she explains, "so I get plenty of bar time." She loves her job, though, because "it's more fun to get to be creative." Come visit her during happy hour, weekdays from 4-7.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.