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Bartender Chat: Julian Luna of The Boom Boom Room

Julian Luna was the only one working at The Boom Boom Room (2518 Yale) the night we visited. But we were able to catch him while he paused from frantically delivering paninis and serving wine. Luna has been working at The Boom Boom Room since June of last year. In fact, it's his first gig as a bartender.

So how did this sculpture major from the University of Houston start bartending anyway? "I met the owner through the Art Car Parade," Luna explains. "So when I turned 21, I started working here." Luna may be new to the whole bartending thing, but he definitely has his customer service down. He ran around all night checking on customers and refilling orders without stopping. Our wine glass never went empty.

Luna is a big fan of The Boom Boom Room. He even hangs out there on his nights off. "Our customers are so nice," Luna says. "We don't really get rude or bad customers. I've never even had to kick anyone out of the bar." He's definitely the first bartender we've met who doesn't have a war story. Give it time!

But Luna is not a career bartender. He eventually wants to be a professor at the University of Houston.

When he's not working, Luna snacks on the Martini panini and the sangria, both white and rose. On our visit, we stuck with wine but tried one of the paninis. Delicious. The panini was perfectly crispy on the outside with a gooey, cheesy inside. Despite the larger size, we wolfed down every last bite. As far as the wine, there's a few by the glass, but most of the choices are by the bottle only. A bottle of wine and panini later, we decided we would definitely be back.

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Jane Catherine Collins