Bartender Chat: Julienne Desjardins of Wild Geese Tavern

You would never know it by looking at her, but Julienne Desjardins is tired. "I've been taking care of a sick child all day," she laughs. Despite this, she's still hustling about on a busy Tuesday evening, pouring beers, shaking shots, and getting everyone nice and tipsy at the Wild Geese Tavern in Pearland (9721 West Broadway St.) all while wearing a big, friendly smile.

Julienne has been bartending for over eight years now, but only the last two of those have been in the Houston area. "I'm well traveled," she tells us. Born and raised in Detroit, she also moved around to Kansas and Colorado before heading back to Michigan and finally settling in our great city two years ago. Where has she enjoyed living the most? "Houston is my favorite of the all the places I've lived so far," she smiles. Good answer, Julie.

An excellent bartender, Julie knows how to get you plastered while still enjoying the taste of your drinks. The first thing she made for us was a huge green goblet that she created and titled "The Green Hornet." A mixture of 151 Rum, Malibu rum, peach schnapps, Midori, Blue Curacao, sweet n' sour, and Sprite, the Hornet tastes like a fruity snow cone, while still managing to make the world delightfully warm and fuzzy. She also made us a Johnny Vegas shot, which cleverly used Watermelon Pucker and Red Bull to cover up the bite of Cuervo.

Come try one for yourself Tuesday through Friday nights when she's working. Every day brings a different drink special, and Friday nights boast hourly shot specials, making it perfect for trying something new.

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