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Bartender Chat: Shadi Farahani of Liberty Station

Whenever I walk into Liberty Station on the east end of Washington Ave., I am always greeted with an excited smile by Shadi Farahani. Most days you can find her behind the bar mixing up some super-juicy new cocktail with handmade syrups and infusions that she is always happy to let you sample.

If there is a new beer on the tap board, she will let you taste it as she illustrates the creative chalkboard for new drinks and craft beers by hand. In short, Shadi is a Renaissance woman: She will make you a shot, pull you a beer and even bakes these incredible cakes. Just ask her to show you pics of some of her incredible creations.

Always full of energy, she can often be seen riding her bike around Liberty or trying to head up some pub crawl.

What is her favorite liquor to drink or mix? "Bourbon, especially Bulleit," she says. Which beer is she into now? "512 Cascabel Cream Stout is awesome, she says, "but we just ran out of it here."

Check out this shot she made me while I was hanging out with her. Ninety Nine Red Balloons is the name, and it's made with Three Olives Berry Vodka, a splash of sweet and sour, a little cranberry and Sprite -- and a shot glass of Pop Rocks on the side. You pop the rocks in your mouth, then guzzle the shot down. Your mouth cracks and gets all fruity!

Shadi was born in Connecticut but moved here when she was just a year old. She has worked at The Flying Saucer, Little Woodrow's and Logan's, to name a few. Does she have any bartender peeves? "Yes!" she says, "when people snap their fingers at you and don't know what they want." You've been warned...

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