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Batman & Robin: Turkey & Gravy Tips

Turkey & Gravy, Thanksgiving's dynamic duo; one can exist without the other, but then you just end up with a guy in tights. That can't be good. Gravy is one thing, but really good gravy seems to be the ungettable get for many. It needs not be. Cue the Batman & Robin theme song -- let's get to it.

  1. Herbs are the new black. Add aromatics to the bottom of the roasting pan before you put the turkey in the oven. Most herbs and aromatics, as long as you like them, will add to the turkey's flavor and enhance the drippings for the gravy. Think onions, garlic, carrots, celery, thyme, rosemary, you get my drift.
  2. Juicy collectibles. Once the turkey is done, remove it from the roasting pan and pour the pan drippings, i.e. all the gooey, sticky stuff stuck to the bottom of the pan, into a clear container and allow the fat and juices to separate.
  3. One glass for you, three for me. Wine is a great medium to help deglaze the pan, just make sure you allow the alcohol to cook out.
  4. Not just fat, Phat. Use some of the fat from the turkey to cook the flour that will thicken the gravy (2 tbsp each for every cup of liquid). To make this process easier, you could mix equal parts of the fat and flour first, then add to a heated skillet and cook until the flour is golden brown at a medium-low heat.
  5. Hold the water. If there aren't enough juices in the pan, use a flavorful broth instead of water to make the gravy go further.
  6. Slow and steady. Take your time when you add the liquid, the hotter the liquid, the faster it will all thicken, so allow it to cool down will give you a bit more time to avoid lumps.
  7. Butter is bettah. Stir in a bit of butter or heavy cream once the gravy has come to your desired consistency; you'll end up with beautiful, rich and velvety gravy.
  8. Wait before you sprinkle. Season the gravy after it reaches the desired consistency. The juices and drippings resulting from the roasting are concentrated, you don't want to end up with salty gravy.

There you have it. One superhero ready to team up with its mentor and ready to save Thanksgiving Day.

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