Pot Luck

Batter Blaster: Against God and Nature?

First, there was whipped cream. Then, there was cheese. Now, it's pancake (or waffle) batter being sprayed out of aerosol cans. God-fearing people everywhere are trembling as technology pushes us ever closer to experiencing breakfast as nature never intended.

We tried Batter Blaster for ourselves. The batter was thick and slower to ooze out of the can than whipped cream, which increased the ick factor. As it cooked, a lot more bubbles rose to the top than with homemade batter. The finished pancakes weren't really fluffier since they were so thin, but they were very light. The flavor was a bit off - it was so salty, a generous portion of syrup couldn't cover the taste.

At clean-up there was only a pan, plate, spatula and fork to wash, but just like with bags of pre-washed lettuce, you must pay dearly for convenience. One can of Batter Blaster costs $3.99 at H.E.B. - considerably more than a box of Bisquick. On the plus side, the ingredients are USDA organic and the can is recyclable.

Batter Blaster could be a boon to people who want only one pancake, campers and harried parents. The spray can also makes it very easy to make animal shapes. BB was invented by Sean O'Connor of San Francisco, who had the brilliant idea because his then girlfriend and now wife loves waffles. There is a commercial, but be warned - the jingle is incredibly catchy.

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Nikki Metzgar
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