Grocery Guide

Battle Snickers vs. Generic (Chewomp)

"Generic candy bars? Why didn't I think of that?" was my first reaction when I spotted "Chewomp," a clear Snickers knockoff, as I waited in line at the grocery store. Copycat and/or competing versions of candy bars are nothing new (see Skor and Heath), but (correct me if I'm wrong) loud and proud discount generic bars have yet to really penetrate the mainstream market.

Imagine the possibilities if there were an entire line of milk chocolate candies that melt in your mouth not in your hand that were half the price of M&Ms! I know I would be ten pounds heavier and baking at least three hours a day.

While I have yet to purchase any generic M&Ms, I did pick up a Chewomp (50 cents) in order to conduct a side-by-side comparison with Snickers (68 cents).

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Joanna O'Leary