BBB Poetry: Sam's Cafe on Studemont

Occasionally we get bored and dig through complaints to the Houston Better Business Bureau. (Yeah, yeah, we know.)

Sometimes the complaints are petty, other times they’re totally weird, and too often the behavior they describe is just downright shameful. But none are quite as poetic as this one we found today, filed against Sam's Cafe on Studemont. Check out the free-verse simplicity:

I was home after having surgery on my ankle and placed a order for delivery.
Egg Rolls...2.50.
Chicken Fried Rice (spicy)...5.95.
General Tso's Chicken...8.50.
The total on the ticket was 19.71.
I gave the delivery man 3.00 cash and put 2.00 on the ticket for tip.
I gave them my Bank of America debit card.
The total should have been 21.71.
They charged my account 23.71.
The Chicken Fried Rice was not spicy.
I have purchased food from them many times. I am not upset that the fried rice was not spicy. I am upset they overcharged my debit card 2.00.

Eat your heart out, William Carlos Williams. -- Keith Plocek

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