BBQ Like A Boss: 5 Homemade Sauces for Your Labor Day Cookout

Fire up the grills, ya'll -- it's Labor Day weekend. To celebrate the holiday and the unofficial end of summer, we're sharing 5 killer BBQ Sauce recipes (+ 1 Texas-style cheat) that are easy to make and easier to eat.

Slather 'em on chicken, ribs, burgers, or even your shirt (you can't wear white anymore, anyway). Check them out:

5. Carolina Style Perfect for smoked chicken & pulled pork

This vinegar-and-mustard-based sauce is popular for a reason -- it's just the right amount of sweet and tang. For a bit of heat, try this version made with ancho chili powder and chipotle chiles in adobo.

4. Honey Whiskey BBQ Sauce It is a holiday, after all

Made with honey whiskey, hot sauce, and cider vinegar, this go-to sauce is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Of course if you don't want to booze, you could always go with a classic Honey Garlic sauce - a fan favorite as well.

3. Chinese Five Spice BBQ Sauce Unique Asian flavors for chicken, duck, pork, and seafood

Sherry, hoisin, black bean paste and five spice powder (a blend of star anise, cloves, Chinese cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, and fennel seeds) make this sauce truly special. Be sure to baste on toward the end of cooking -- like most barbecue sauces, it can easily burn due to its sugar content.

2. Kansas City Style It's all about the ribs baby

Tomato based with a sweet and spicy flavor, this barbecue sauce is best smothered on a hunk of meaty, ultra-tender ribs. The molasses and dark brown sugar make the sauce super-thick and sticky-smooth. As always, don't be afraid to add a few dashes of hot sauce for spice.

1. Ancho Mole Sauce A rich, velvety, and fiery delight

With chiles, nuts, raisins, and most importantly, chocolate, this ancho mole sauce will really wow a crowd. For added depth of flavor, try incorporating cinnamon, ancho chile powder, and dried red pepper flakes. Or for a quicker fix, try this recipe made with cocoa powder, peanut butter, and plenty of spices.

Bonus: A Texas-Style Cheat Brisket, anyone? Beef bouillon is the trick to this cheat on Texas Style BBQ sauce. Or you can just go to Gatlin's and call it a day.

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