Beating the Autumn Heat

The calendar may claim it's fall, but you can't fool Houstonians. Here, autumn is merely an extension of summer, disguised as months appropriately named after ascending Roman numbers, like you're clicking off months on a prison wall. Seven eight nine ten. "Fall" in Heat City is still ideal for something cool to drink while counting off the days, weeks and months until the mercury dips. The Orange Dream and Lime Freeze milk shakes ($2.99) at 59 Diner [3801 Farnham, (713)523-2333; 8125 Katy Freeway, (713)681-5559] provide a light spin on the classic soda-fountain treat, perfect for those who want the refreshment of a shake without the expanded waistband that usually goes along with it. Blue Bell sherbet and vanilla ice cream team with a splash of orange juice to give the former its creamy Dreamsicle taste. Lime sherbet lends the equally slurp-worthy Freeze a bit more tang than its orange cousin. Either way, these shakes are the best way to deal with Houston's endless summer.

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Brenda Tavakoli