Beer, Pizza and Monster Truck Racing at Spaghetti Western

We were on North Shepherd last week and stopped into the Spaghetti Western Italian Cafe to start off my day. We began with a house-made bellini -- vodka and peach schnapps is a great way to get things going. We spotted the Italian nachos -- fried wonton chips covered with alfredo sauce, mozzarella, banana peppers and ground sausage -- on the menu, and for some sick reason, that sounded good. That might be a bit much to start off with, but what the hell? We got a half order for $5.25, and it knocked our appetite in the dirt.

The pizza menu has "the good," a veggie pizza, "the bad," a sliced meatballs, pepperoni and Italian sausage pizza, and "the Blondie," a chicken pizza with chipotle alfredo sauce. You know which one we got: "the bad." We'll eat anything that has meatballs on it.

The pizza was actually really good. The dough tasted yeasty and homemade, with a dark crust. And what better way to wash down a greasy piece of meat pizza than a Red Hook ESB? We started to notice that the reason we were liking this place so much was it was a little white-trashy. Beer and pizza to the left and monster truck racing to the right. This place gets filled daily with local regulars, and we kinda wished the Spaghetti Western was closer to home.

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Jason Kerr