Behind the Bar: Finding a Good Feeling at The Nightingale Room

How do you measure a successful night out at a bar?

That answer usually depends on the question of why you're going out in the first place. Some nights you hit the bar so that you can have a good time with friends. Some times the agenda is to make new ones. Other times you just want to dance or sing or cry. Everyone has their reasons for going out and their measure of success. Mike Criss, co-founder of The Nightingale Room, wanted to make a place that he would visit if he was going out.

"If I could go see a live show and have an awesome tasting drink too, I would feel like I would win double," says Criss in the above interview.

That does sound like a good night out.

Mike Criss, literally behind the bar.
Mike Criss, literally behind the bar.
Photo by Chuck Cook Photography

A few weeks back, Phaedra Cook visited The Nightingale Room to give all of us a first look at the space. A few weeks later our videographer Daniel Salazar went back to see how things were looking at the space, as well as to talk with Criss about his vision for The Nightingale Room.

Spoiler alert: he wants you to come out, dance and have fun. Sounds good to us.

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