Being a Kid at Crave Cupcakes

A good date requires a little indulgence — something sweet and fun to eat, like a cupcake. We caught up with Brad Dorsey, one of the owners of the brand-new Crave Cupcakes (1151-06 Uptown Park Blvd.), on the day they opened. "Cupcakes bring out the kid in all of us," he said, "and they're the perfect size for people to have a small indulgence." Crave offers a total of 30 different varieties of cupcakes, with 12 available each day. "We make everything in-house, in small batches, and our staff really gets into it when they smell the cupcakes baking in the ovens. We have many different kinds of batters as well as frostings. There's the red velvet one with cream cheese frosting and the decadent dark chocolate with imported chocolate frosting. We also have a carrot cake, a hummingbird one and a chocolate espresso cake. They're really very rich and make a great treat."

For more information and a slideshow of Crave creations, visit the Houston Press Eating...Our Words blog.

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Paul Galvani