Benjy's on Washington Ups the Ante on the Classic Chicken & Waffles

Fried chicken and waffles is smart. Fried chicken and monkey bread? Effing genius. And you can find that genius in action during weekend brunch at Benjy's on Washington.

The restaurant's fried chicken is fantastic; Nut-crusted and with a hint of spice, the plump filet is juicy on the inside with a crunchy-as-all-hell shell. It's quite possibly the crispiest crust a chicken has ever had...ever...and in the best possible way. I almost don't even get how it can be that crunchy. Do they quadruple fry it? Do they dust it with crack? Tell us your secrets, Benjy's!

Whatever it is, this is the kind of fried chicken you want. Munch on it alone as you gently weep in bed; chop it up and mix it into your otherwise healthy salad; stick it between bread and call it lunch; or, as is the case here, throw it on top of sticky monkey bread and call it brunch.

If you've never had monkey bread, I'm sorry for you. It's a sweet, sticky, gooey, and fluffy pastry that somehow is an acceptable breakfast here in America (diabetes, anyone?).

The puffs of freshly baked dough are good enough as is, but did I mention they are glazed with caramelized sugar? Did I also mention Benjy's dollops on some sweet and syrupy peaches and fresh blueberries? Oh, and then tops the whole thing with bacon?

Fried chicken; monkey bread; peach jam; and bacon. All of that for $14.

Like I said -- genius.

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